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Due to the Coronavirus situation, All events are 

cancelled until further notice.

Newsletter January 2020


Annual General Meeting 

The AGM was held at Bury Town Hall on 13th November 2019.

 In her report, the Chairman remembered those members and friends who had died during the year including our friend Jean -Pierre Plas of Tulle.

She described the visit to Schorndorf by some 30 members of BMCTA during the year when the anniversary celebrations of Bury,  Schorndorf and Tulle ended with a service of remembrance of the massacres in Tulle and Oradour in 1945. 


The year also coincided with the 60th anniversary of the twinning agreement between Bury and Angouleme.  Where we were represented by trainees from the Eagle and Child hotel, Ramsbottom,  who gave a demonstration of traditional Lancashire cooking.  There were other meetings with representatives of twinning in Angouleme during the year when persuasion was applied to restart traditional twinning visits between our towns.


Two dining events and a garden party during the year enabled the association to raise upwards of £200.


A large group of visitors from Schorndorf will visit Bury from 30 April until 4 May 2020.  


Arrangements to visit Tulle this year are yet to be finalised.  The date of the visit is likely to be during the last 2 weeks of September 2020.  A coach will be hired to transport most members.


The Treasurer’s report was distributed and explained to the meeting. Comment was made on the successful fundraising during the year and Anita and Graham Lindley and Mary and Mark Pitt were thanked for their continued fund raising efforts.  Without the funds raised by by these and those other members, who support our fundraising events, it was commented that the Association would have difficulty in meeting the running costs.


A larger than usual group of guests from Schorndorf will be visiting Bury this year.    We are expecting  37  guests on Thursday 30th April. until  Monday, 4th April, 2020.  Final details of the programme are still being worked on. However, we will be celebrating our twenty five years anniversary and we think that that  is  quite special.  

25 years ago, we held a dinner in the Town Hall and there was a steam train to Ramsbottom.  We might repeat this.  We have arranged an evening at the Elizabethan Suite in the Town Hall on the Friday evening when there will be a drinks reception hosted by  the  Mayor,  Councillor Trevor Holt and Mrs. Holt,  followed by a dinner in the Elizabethan Suite - a three course meal, with wine, coffee and  entertainment is included.  We hope that members of the Association will join the hosts and the guests at this event. (the cost of the evening for members who are not hosting will be £25).

A detailed programme  will be available in February or March.  Many of our guests have visited Bury in the  past and they have already identified their hosts,  who  have  been  contacted.  However,  there ae still a number of single guests (mainly female) for whom we require  hosts.  If you are able to offer accommodation  please  contact Yvonne on 0161 766 7378 as soon as possible.

Membership Renewal

Annual fees are now due and should be paid to the Treasurer or Secrertary

Individual membership   £7.50

Family Membership        £15.00

Anyone who would like to join the association should contact the secretary, David Moore on 0161 766 7378

Schorndorf Posaunenchor Band


The Posaunenchor band from Schorndorf had a highly successfiul vist to Bury between 

Monday 28th October and Saturday 2nd October 2019


During the visit the performed 3 concerts:


1. Tuesday 30th October at St Stephen's Church, Bolton Road, Bury 

2.  Wednesday 31st October in Pennistone, Yorkshire           

3. Friday 1st November at Bury Parish Church, The Wylde, Bury 


The band describe themselves as a Brass Choir, so, like a choir but with brass instruments instead of voices.  They are not comparable with a British Brass band as the instruments play in 4 parts.  Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass.  They play a selection of different musical styles.  Their leader, Sophie Pope, studied at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester before continuing her studies in Germany.

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Visit to Bury By Schorndorf 2020

A party from Schorndorf will visit Bury in 2020.  

They will arrive on Wednesday 29th April and depart on Monday 4th May.

Further details will be published nearer the date.

Newsletter June 2019


2019 is the year in which falls the 50th   anniversary of the twinning between Tulle and Schorndorf.    It is also the 25th year of twinning between Bury and Shorndorf.    So it was a splendid opportunity for all three twinning partners to share in a joint celebration in Schorndorf.

Twenty seven members including Clr. Trevor Holt and Mrs. Evelyn Holt. made up our party.   We used Mayne Coaches and experienced a comfortable journey, using the Tunnel and staying overnight in Reims on the outward and return leg. 


From the start the visit was busy.  There was a major garden event in Schorndorf, where the whole of the town was florally decorated,   there were music and art festivals taking place.   (We understand that the total cost of the garden festival was in the region of €1million, and it showed).

At the garden festival there were musical events by an accordion trio from Tulle and dancing by the more familiar Ecole Ventadour of Tulle.

An equally familiar mascot helped the Mayor open the event and we were guided round the gardens.  Later we visited the Town Twinning Grove - an arboretum of trees native to the countries of the twin towns and guests from Tulle, Bury and Dueville were wined and dined at a beer garden in the Sports Park. 

We also spent a day as guests of the Twinning Association.    We had lunch in the delightful Café Muckensee at Lorch and afterwards visited the Monastery there before enjoying a demonstration of Birds of Prey.


We attended a Gala evening, where we were entertained by the Youth Orchestra of Schorndorf led by their impressive solo cellist and where there were presentations and speeches by the mayors of  Schorndorf, Bury and Tulle and a question and answer session involving the Chairmen / Presidents of the Twinning Associations.


On Sunday morning we participated in a commemoration at the Old Cemetery where there is a memorial to the victims of the massacres in Tulle and Oradour sur Glans and to all victims of war and tyranny.


Members of the three groups and representatives from Dueville placed white roses printed with the name of each of the martyrs on the memorial and later joined in a service of remembrance and conciliation at   the Holy Spirit Church, where again the Mayors and the Chairmen participated. 


Special and moving mention was made of Jean - Pierre Plas during the service.   Following the service

the Bury group left for home.   We again stayed at the hotel in Reims but crossed the channel by ferry on this occasion.


For your diary:


Schorndorf will be visiting Bury from Thursday 30 April and leaving on Monday, 4th. May 2020.       We are about to commence planning for their visit.  Your suggestions for events during their stay would be helpful.

Our next visit to Tulle will be during the last week in June 2020 during the annual and   famous

AccordionFestival, known as Les Nuits deNcre.   The exact dates have not yetbeen fixed.




Newsletter April 2019


On Saturday 30 March - the day after we thought that we would have left the EU,

several members of the Committee met with Mme. Marie - Jeanne Lavigne and
Mme. Sophie Dulac in Bury. Marie-Jeanne and Sophie visited to advise us about
plans of the The twinning Association in Angouleme to arrange an “English Week” to
celebrate the 60th anniversary of twinning between our two towns.

Those of you with the longest memories will remember that in 2009 we celebrated the
50th anniversary in Bury, which was the last occasion when Bury had the pleasure
of hosting a group of visitors from Angouleme.

The programme will begin on the afternoon of June 11 when there will be a
discussion about the consequences of Brexit for English people living in
France led by Robert Franck of the University of Paris.

This will be followed by a concert given by the rock band - Novustory, a young rock
group from Tottington. There will also be a screening of a film produced by Creadoc a
group of young people from Angouleme, to be filmed in Bury in May. This in turn will
be followed by a showing of an English film - currently likely to be ‘The Full Monty’

The following day involves a photographic exhibition themed on English pubs. On 13 June
there will be a lecture in the Town Hall of Angouleme of the part played by the English in
the history of the town. In the evening a meal prepared by Glen Duckett of the Eagle and
Child Gastro Pub (Ramsbottom) at the Ateliers Magélis and a French musical group. 

On the Saturday 15 June, Brunch at Blomkal. A cupcake making workshop. A
demonstration of cricket and a further jazz concert by Novustory brings the English
week to an end.

It might be felt that an English week celebrating 60 years of twinning but without town

twinners from Bury might be seen as missing a crucial ingredient, accordingly, an
invitation has been sent for five members of the BMCTA to visi t Angouleme for the
celebration. Unfortunately, there is no longer a significant group of friends in Angouleme,
who would have acted as hosts for a larger group - hence the size of the invitation
An interesting fact that came to light during our meeting and which our members 

will find fascinating is that the ‘Comité des Jumelage Angoulême et Villes Etrangêres’ receives
€90,000 each year from the council to carry out the functions of a twinning
association, managing relations with their 10 twin towns and to pay the salaries
of two full time members of staff.

Members who would like to visit Angouleme to participate in this celebration should
contact the Chairman as soon as possible. First come etc.
tel 0161 766 73780

1931 -2019
Sadly we have to report the death of Tom Doyle. Tom and
Marie Doyle were very active members of the Association until
Tom’s health deteriorated greatly several years ago.

If you recently received a reminder about your subscription
and have not yet renewed your membership please ensure
that you are again up to date before the end of April, at which
time our constitution requires us to remove names from the
list of members . The subscription rate was increased to £7.50
or £15 family membership at the AGM in November 2018


Tuesday 28th May 2019 to Monday 3rd June 2019

A detailed itinerary for the visit to Schorndordf is now available and has been distributed to 

participating members.

More accurate times for the journey to and from Schorndorf will be
agreed with the coach company and given to participants closer to
the visit. There are still places on our luxurious coach if you are still
considering coming to Schorndorf but you should let the secretary

know straight away. The cost is £400 per person and includes two 

nights in a hotel in Reims.


This year the subscription fee was raised to £7.50 for a singlemember;£15 for family membership.
The subscription was lastraised ten years ago. The increase has become necessary to meet the
increased cost of paper, printing and postage that havebeen rising steadily since the
previous increase. We hope thatmembers recognise this and that they will continue to
give us their support.

Since the responsibility for organising town twinning in Bury was passed over to BMCTA by the Council
we have received an annual grant from the Council. Since then, the grant has risen in small increments
and last year we received £1950. The cost of twinning has also risen in this time and a visit to Bury by
one ofour twin towns costs between £3000 and £4000 depending how long they stay and this
depends upon the availability of flights.  Clearly, without the income from the Dinners and other
events which we arrange from time to time, the Association we would not be able to function.

2019 finds us in a slightly anxious situation. We have not received the annual grant which would
normally have been paid to the Association by the end 2018. The Chairman will be asking for a meeting
with the Council this month and hopefully the situation can be cleared up.  In the meantime, I would
ask members to pay their subscriptions - if they have not already done so. For convenience and if
preferred, a Standing Order form is available from the secretary.

As a post script, the cost to the Council of running town twinningbefore responsibility was
transferred to BMCTA was £30,000 per year and involved a full time member of staff and
included secretarial and administrative support